How to order

Step by step guide on how to order from Rob Newey Butcher's

All website prices are close estimates of the final cost as weights of products cannot be exact therefore we only take payments after your order has been completed.

Option 1

Step 1 Using the search icon in the top right of the screen to find the product you have in mind. 

Step 2 Type the name of your desired product in the search bar.

Step 3 Click ENTER

Step 4 Click on the desired product.

Option 2

Step 1 For general navigation of the website use the Menu found in the top left of the website.

Step 2 Select your desired collection in the left hand side menu.

Step 3 Select your desired product.

Adding to Cart

Step 1 Pick from the available options, choose the quantity and press add to cart.

Step 2 If you have completed your order follow to step 3, if not click continue shopping.

Step 3 Choose if you would like your order delivered or to collect from the shop.

Step 4 Select a delivery day (please note that deliveries need a 2 day lead and collections need a 6 hour lead upon ordering.) 

Step 5 Select a time slot for your chosen day.

Step 6 Make sure your order is correct then click on the check out icon to continue.


Step 1 Complete all compulsory boxes. Including Contact information, Delivery method and shipping information. 

Step 2 If you have a discount code ensure that you apply it in the discount code box.

Step 3 Make sure all of the information is correct and click continue to shipping.

Step 4 Make sure your contact information is correct and add any delivery instructions if you feel like they are needed.

Step 5 Click continue to payment.

Step 6 We do not take payment until we have completed your order as all website prices are close estimates to the final cost. Therefore select your method of payment. That being by cash on delivery or Pay by phone.



Step 7 Make sure the information provided is correct and click complete order.

Step 8 Congratulations you've completed your order. Just sit back, relax and wait for your order.

Any more information needed, feel free to get in touch via email or phone.


Phone: 01384 273556